New Hope Church A/G of Crane - Oh MY GOOSH YIKES

3 years ago by walteranyafisher

They don't try to love you through the trama when your family goes through life experiences instead they try to make your church experience no good and therefore make you feel you need to move to another church... They want to work with per...
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3 years ago by William and Retha Ballinger

purchase wireless service on April 14th 2017 returned device April 15th 2017 Total cost was $78 the amount of my refund was $21.64 jpp Enterprise AKA Cricket Wireless which is a franchise would not refund me activation fee and monthly plan...
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      Rutters Car Wash - Damaged my car - Store #56 - Employees confirm numerous car damage from their car wash machine

3 years ago by YOU, LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER 11

I have always washed my car at RUTTER'S, however that will never happen again. We stopped at car wash in New Cumberland of 83 just south of turnpike exit. Our car was scratched from the front to the back of the car by their car wash. Employ...
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      Laserwash Car Wash - People Just Don't Care Anymore

4 years ago by Anonymous

Sat out front for over 1/2 hour watching two people hog the self service bays. Left before a fight broke out, but the guy waiting at the other bay was already out of his car. Totally ridiculous. Nobody cares these days. Self service pla...
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      Everything Collectible" - Everything Collectable, Palisade CO

4 years ago by cinzis..

This store is LOADED with all sorts of goodies-every time I visit I see things I didn't see before ?! The manager is awesome and knowledgeable...bring in something to identify or ??? I LOVE my Fossil Purse! All leather and only 10.00!!!
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      Central Illinois Taxidermy - The fish are bad

4 years ago by Gavyn Love

he did a terrible job on my fish and i suggest you don't go to him ever unless you want a crap fish.
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      Taco Truck - Taco truck El Paisano

4 years ago by JOHN

THE BEST IN SOUTHWEST DETROIT BUT ITS IN ECORSE (DOWNRIVER) I had just about every taco truck in Detroit! The only one that comes close to Taco truck El Paisano Ecorse is on Springwells! Hands down Taco truck El Paisano is the Best and wort...
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      iLoveKickboxing - Great Experience

4 years ago by Kevin Cine

I came in for my trial period a little over a month ago and I was immediately hooked. It's the most effective workout in such a short period of time. All you have to do is give up one hour of your day a couple days a week and you'll be on y...
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      Mustafa,i Irambona,egide

4 years ago by Mustafa irambona

I want to trail out for 2017 because I think I got the ability for the club
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